• New York, USA



Feature film ( sci-fi/thriller )

An amateur astronomer discovers a strange new star in the sky that leads him into the heart of a dark conspiracy to control humanity by exploiting its addiction to technology.


Feature film ( sci-fi/ thriller )

A lonely elderly man confines himself to his tiny one-room apartment, mourning the loss of his beloved wife. Over time, he forges a bond with the room, bringing into existence a presence that eases the loneliness of his final days. Tenants come and go in the years that follow, but none form a connection with the room until one day room change the mood.

bitter lemon

Bitter Lemon

Feature film, ( Drama )
( Script Bitter Lemon was selected for 2014 Sundance/Sloan Commissioning Grant and Fellowship second round consideration. )

A Neuroscientist developing a technique that uses scent to restore lost memories is forced to confront dark episodes from his youth after his experiments unearth a past he worked hard to erase.

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