Berlinale Film Festival

I am thrilled to attend Berlinale Film Festival and European Film Market from February 7th–February 17th . Looking forward to talk about feature film Capio that is currently in post-production.It is a sci-fi drama that re-imagines our world impacted by new technologies.

Capio is Sci -Fi feature film currently in post-production

Capio is Sci-Fi feature film currently in post-production. Capio brings awareness of the loss of privacy policy and the danger of development AI technology.      In this scene, I had the pleasure to work with talented actors Jimmy Dalton, Karel Hermanek and Madeleine Assas.



Producers Network at March du Film, Cannes Film Festival 2016

I will be attending Cannes Film Festival as member of Producers Network from May 12th – May 18th. I am currently in pre production for my first feature film titled CAPIO, a Si-fi thriller that re imagines our world impacted by new technologies. We are in the process of obtaining funding and casting the film. You can reach me through e-mail during the festival. Looking forward to seeing you in Cannes!

Parallel Dreams – Short Film

Film is completed on August 2015
An artist Joseph Cornell immerses himself in the music of Debussy as he makes his art, watching his creation slowly come alive. At the same time, a dream is visiting Cornell, influencing his thoughts and decisions, and guiding him on how to complete his artwork. (more…)

Parallel Dreams – Performance

Parallel Dreams was presented on FIGMENT, Governor Island, house #15 in Nolan Park. June 7 & June 8, 2014.

Over the last few years, I have been looking for ways to express an experience from my life using live performance, film and music. Sometimes when I wake up I don’t know if I am awake or I am still dreaming. My dreams appear so realistic that they leave me uncertain of where I exited them to enter the real world. It’s almost as if there is a parallel universe mirroring this life on Earth, or perhaps even the other way around. I’m about to explore this experience through a live performance and a film project bearing the same title: “Parallel Dreams”.
Aleksandar Kostic


Parallel Dreams


Inspired by the idea that we live a parallel life in dreams, we created two dream rooms incorporating 19th century imagery with imagined dream-states of the visual artist Joseph Cornell, blending historical music (Claude Debussy) with sonic dreamscapes by composer Joan La Barbara (whose work spans 20-21st century). The performance consists of two interconnected pieces in two different rooms. Having a duration of 20 minutes, the performance was repeated all day long, with 10 minute silent breaks. The location was an old Victorian house on Governor’s Island, deserted and empty, into which we installed the performance. The audience walked from one room to the other, experiencing two different but parallel universes united around an imagined Cornell and his own universe.

Collaborators Statement:
In dreams our minds travel through the crevasses of our sub-conscious, exploring reality and abstract live experience. Sometimes the threshold between dreams and waking visions blur. In creating “Parallel Dreams”, we endeavor to present visions and sounds inspired by dreams and fantasy.

Director, Concept & Video Installations : Aleksandar Kostic
Composer & Performer : Joan La Barbara
Set Designer & Costume Designer : Marija Plavsic-Kostic
Pianist & Performer : Kathleen Supov
Actors : Didier Flamand, Gemma Forbes, Iva Micic, Lior Lamacchia
Set and Costume Design Assistant: Matt Iacozza

“Parallel Dreams” is made possible in part with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.



Images of universe, galaxies & stars – Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Feature film ALLURE released on Video on Demand

After premiering at POFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and its theatrical run, the feature film Allure, produced by Kostic Films & Surla Films, directed by Vladan Nikolic and cinematography by Aleksandar Kostic, is now released on video-on-demand by CP Films and Gravitas Ventures. Hailed by the New York Times as seductive with lovely performances and oodles of atmosphere , ALLURE will be available from August 25, 2015 on dozens of cable and digital platforms, Including iTunes, Google Play, Apple TV, Gowatchit, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and on cable suppliers Dish Network, Cox, Charter, and many more. Worldwide, the film can be streamed and downloaded directly at , powered by the distribution platform

Journey – short film at Big Apple Film Festival New York

Short Film Journey directed by Aleksandar Kostic was selected to be part of Big Apple Film Festival New York. Screening was on November 18, 2013.

Journey – The ghost of Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch returns to Greenwich House, the community settlement she founded over a century earlier, and roams through the musical landscape that now thrives there. Music by Joan La Barbara. This piece was inspired by the compositions of Joan La Barbara, her performances and collaborations with the Ne(x)tworks musical ensemble. (more…)