Parallel Dreams – PERFORMANCE

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Parallel Dreams was presented on FIGMENT, Governor Island, house #15 in Nolan Park. June 7 & June 8, 2014.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not the person experiencing my own life, like I’m trapped between being awake and asleep with my body and soul caught in between.This leaves me unsure whether I’m alive and moving through this world, or whether my life is the reflection of a dream occurring somewhere else. My dreams appear so realistic that they leave me uncertain of where I exited them to enter the real world – it’s almost as if there is a parallel universe mirroring this life on Earth, or perhaps even the other way around.

These thoughts inspired me to express these feelings of living in between dreams and reality, and I came up with the idea of creating a live performance and film. I wanted to challenge myself to create a film and live performance at the same time, where the performance could not be produced without scripting and planning of the film. These two elements would have to be different and yet reflect the same thing : a possible life in multiple universes that we maybe experiencing.