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Produced & Cinematography by Aleksandar Kostic
Directed & Produced by Vladan Nikolic

As a passionate filmmaker I love exploring and communicating with people through my cinematography.
Allure is a process-driven film, where filmmakers and performers (actors and non-actors) work together through a series of improvisations, character building, and discussions to flesh out the story and protagonists. The camera follows the characters. All dialogue is improvised, as the scene is worked through.
Inspired by true stories, ALLURE focuses on five women in NYC, who have come from different countries and settings. Each one struggles to overcome her personal conflict, set against the backdrop of world economical insecurity. These separate, but intersecting multi-ethnic storylines touch and inform each other, and create a larger narrative, about gender, emigration, power and class.


“…Aleksandar Kostic, who turns New York City into a dreamy melting pot of conflict and yearning.”

“…Aleksandar Kostic’s roving camerawork and grainy, black-and-white cinematography, though the camera’s agile movements often prove more kinetic and engaging…”

“…boasting striking black-and-white, widescreen cinematography by Aleksandar Kostic.”

“…women’s experiences have been strikingly captured by cinematographer Aleksandar Kostic in silvery black-and-white CinemaScope”